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PDAPP's primary efforts are for the sole purpose of preventing, reducing and eliminating "Diversion" of controlled substances. PDAPP monitors the practices of pharmacies and patients as it relates to these medications. PDAPP operates from the position and understanding that all entities involved in the manufacturing, distribution; sales and regulation of these medications have the common goal of safely providing medication to individuals in legitimate need. PDAPP remains objective in our approach to monitoring and reporting the compliance of individuals participating in PDAPP.

From our participating pharmacies:

-"You’ve heard it said…."it takes a community to raise a child"….. well it also takes a community to stop an epidemic… we have one in Tennessee, pain killer addiction" - Pharmacy owner in Tennessee

-"Now I finally know my patient" -Pharmacist in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

-"I don’t know where I would be without PDAPP" -Pharmacist in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

-"PDAPP is the only tool to curve diversion that exists" - Pharmacist in Morristown, TN

-"The DEA puts the burden of us knowing if the medications prescribed is for a legitimate medical purpose. So with PDAPP, it gives us so much information on our patient, that we as pharmacist can make the most informed decision on whether to fill the patient's medications. - Pharmacist in Morristown, TN

-"PDAPP lets you really know your patients. In knowing your patients you develop a better relationship with them that enhances their care and also lets you identify problems before they occur - so you can protect your pharmacy and the patient's wellbeing." - Pharmacist in Loudon, TN


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