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The Program

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Program™ (PDAPP™)

Purpose: To assist the pharmaceutical community in monitoring and regulating the use of prescription drugs for there intended medical purpose.

Process: PDAPP™ will achieve it’s purpose through implementing a working plan of education and evaluation for patients that have been prescribed medications with abuse potential.

The PDAPP™ program consists of 3 Key Concepts:

1. Culture of Compliance: Patients will be expected to adhere to the PDAPP™ guidelines in order to continue to receive their medications from a PDAPP™ pharmacy.

2. Monitoring and evaluating the measure of compliance in conjunction with PDAPP™ guidelines in order to gauge effectiveness.

3. PDAPP™ participating pharmacies are committed to providing their communities with responsible access to necessary medically prescribed drugs. In doing so they are linking their patients to education, accountability, assistance, and the tools to successfully navigate the potential risk of addiction associated with certain medications.

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